sexta-feira, 5 de fevereiro de 2016


It's like if I had never fallen in love before
So shy, I’m feeling good only in your arms
Can you see? Your world completes my life, baby
Your mouth kisses me and I’ll smile because I love it…
You wonder why I'm doing that and then I keep
Your hands warming my chest – So I can sleep

Look the sunshine with me, I promise you that I can be
My better, to make you happy, so stay here

I can’t wait for having your sweet love again
Even if only a second or a thousand years
Just stay with me

All day, I think about the time we spent
The gray city, but the day was born incredible
We did beautiful things too, my love
Do you remember when you’re falling love with me?
And I, thought it was so funny and I laughed
The cute way you called me – I miss that.