terça-feira, 8 de setembro de 2015

About Myself...

I was feeling strange, but after this weekend i'm really very, very good with myself!
I don't know ... I'm feeling so free to make my own choices and make my own way.
I was with good friends and lovely people - people that i love so much - and so i understood that i was wasting my time with bad things in my mind, so i decided to let these things go away!
What things are these??? This is not about love, okay!? But this is about what I really am!
No one knows what i was really thinking ... but i'll tell you now: i was so afraid, afraid to fail, to be doing the wrong choices ... I was believing that i'm not enough to make my dreams come true ... I was trying to be strong, but in fact i was being so small ... so child.
Guess i need to learn! No... guess not. I'm sure: I need to hear the wise people!
That's it!